Kroiss Story

From The Hills of Bavaria

Kroiss is my grandmother, Anna's, maiden name. She grew up in the hills of Bavaria, not far from where Volkl skis are made. She was taught to ski by my great-grandparents who, when they were children, skied on wooden skis to school and back. Sometimes they even skied on the back of someone else's skis! I guess skiing is in my blood. I started skiing at a young age. During college I was a ski instructor and tuner. Now most of my skiing is done with my wife and young son. When I'm not skiing, I'm usually in my shop tuning skis. This is not a full time pursuit for me, it's a literal labor of love. I've been tuning skis for over 17 years in one capacity or another. I find it therapeutic. With the encouragement of my wife (she likes to keep me "out of her hair") I decided turn my labor of love into a small service business.

I hope you find our unique business to be of value to you. 


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Advice from my Grandmother, "Toddy" Anna Kroiss Reynolds:


"Never ski faster than your guardian angel can fly"