Tuning Process


My Tuning Process

*All tuning is done by HAND (no machines). This is what sets us apart from most other tuning services. Base edges are set at 1 degree. Side edges are set at 2 degrees. If you have have a custom tune in mind, let us know.

Flatten Bases
A ski should be flat across the base from edge-to-edge in order to work correctly. Your bases will be checked for flatness. If they are either concave or convex, they will be flattened. If you have paid for a service that includes base repairs, they will be made.

Structure Bases
A ski base should be structured. You can detect a base structure using your fingernail, or by inspecting it with a magnifying lens. The structure enables the ski to slide more efficiently.

Tune Edges
The steel edges on skis should be tuned regularly. This is what improves control and performance. First, they are beveled to 1 degree base bevel and 2 degree edge bevel. Next, they are deburred and polished with a series of files and stones.

Wax Bases
Ski bases dry out quickly and need to be kept waxed, otherwise they start losing their gliding ability, become harder to turn, and wear more quickly. Waxing is the final step in the process. A hot wax is applied, then scraped and brushed.